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PCB Repair

PCB Repair

I am able to offer a PCB repair service including fine print replacement and a fitting/reflow service for electronic components including HDMI sockets,QFP(Quad Flat Pack) SMT IC’s as well as Ball Grid Array chips.

I can also obtain IC’s at very reasonable prices including many for the LG plasma panels which can be repaired rather than buying new ones. Please do not hesitate to contact me to enquire about this service.

All pcb’s and ic’s are slowly heated in a rework oven first to remove any moisture.

All IC’s are removed, fitted or reflowed using specialised shields to protect the surrounding components. Then every pin is checked using a high powered stereo microscope to ensure the soldering is of the highest standard.




  • Testimonials

    Glenn. Milton Keynes

    I was having trouble with my Sky HD box. I emailed the owner over the weekend and the owner confirmed that I could drop it in to his workshop on Monday and he would fix it and send it back to me on Tuesday. I did, he did and it works! All this and including the next day courier it cost £45 which is good value. Recommended.

    David Langhorne

    Received pcb today. Thanks for the speedy delivery. It’s fitted and working fine. Much appreciated

    Andrew Boswell

    Thanks for the repair on my power board on my stereo it all works fine will recommend you thanks a lot cheers

    Alex MacLennan Manchester

    Many thanks for the quick turnaround, works like a dream now

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